I am an English language teacher and formerly a Lawyer. A love of experiencing other cultures coupled with a low satisfaction rating for my young legal career saw me become a teacher. Teaching is my career and a passion yet it doesn’t define me. I love grammar and I love astronomy. pronunciation is as important to me as learning to play my bass guitar. Teaching English to others is as high on my priority list as learning another language myself. Cycling a finely tuned road bike gives me as much pleasure as doing a good dictogloss, reading inspiring sci-fi wows me as equally as a successful use of technology in the classroom would. Ppp, tbl, tpr, suggestopedia, the silent way, and community language learning  make me think in the same way that anarchy, socialism, capitalism, communism, resource-based-economics, monetary economics nudism do. I consider Scott Thornbury and Jeremy Harmer as I would the pope and the President of the USA(in no particular order 🙂 yet Noam Chomsky’s works would have to be in my left hand  while the Dalai Lama’s in the the right.

I aim to write mainly on ELT my interactions with it and how I seek to progress myself and others by means of it.


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